55 Side Businesses to Set Up from Home

We all have some kind of talent that we can offer up to the world. We may think that our skills are not really required, as we have the incorrect mind-set that most avenues of work have an influx of skilled persons that have exhausted the field.

You would be surprised to know that that is an untrue statement, as we all deliver our talents from different angles, which makes our skillsets unique. Our angle of delivery might just be the one that some people of this world look for on a daily basis.

Creativity in all aspects of life can be profitable to you in a multitude of ways. You just have to venture out to know how useful your skills are. Whether it’s just a simple house clean up or a massive clutter clearance, the fact that you have the hands and eye to transform that mess, can earn you that much needed extra money on the side. 

Maybe your set up is the one that gives that neglected home a designer look. Whatever the case, just remember that your ideas can be turned into a valuable business that can contribute to an increased monthly income.

You often hear people say how hard it is to find work and make a little extra money but in actual fact, unknown to them, scattered throughout the world, from first world to third world countries, are people that are searching for your talents.

Yes, I’m talking about you. You have a talent that the world seeks, and the opportunities are all at your doorstep, waiting for you to let them in.

They say that charity usually begins at home, so sharing your talents should also start at home. Your local community can be your starting ground if you would like to venture into an offline personal service business, and you can venture out as far and wide as possible if you wish to offer your skills online.

You’ve just got to fuel your minds engine to search for those that find a use for what you’re good at, and thereafter attach an appropriate price-tag to your services. Maybe it’s the curves and slants in your handwriting that is the unique style that the greeting card maker seeks. You will never know how much of an income your talents can generate unless you offer it. Put yourself out there and give off your best and the world will pave your income.

Just imagine how wonderful it is to bury your hand in that jar full of cookies. Wiggling your fingers past them all, finally reaching the one with the extra sprinkles. Well, just like the cookie jar offers you a variety of cookies to choose from, so too does the world out there offer you a variety of opportunities for you to indulge in. The choice to pick, choose and devour the variety is up to you.

Here are the 55 most easy and profitable side businesses that you can do from home. These online and offline businesses are said to be making a statement in the earning category.  All that is required is for you play your skills according to the tunes of your talent.

#1 Podcast Editor

If you have good editorial skills and an ear to differentiate between different speakers, then using the appropriate available software to separate the audio, and the skill to apply the appropriate editing techniques, then podcast editing would be a good side business for you. If you have knowledge of, or are familiar with using editing software like Pro Tools, or Adobe Edition, then the benefits of an increase in earnings is guaranteed. Technology has awarded us the privilege to work from the comforts of our homes so doing an after hour side business like podcast editing is beneficial to both our time and earning potential.  So, if you can restructure, cut and arrange a podcast audio to professional standards, then offer up your services on the many available online sites to enhance your chances of growing your side business.

#2 Video Editor

The technique of manipulating and re-arranging video shots is a sought after skill in the film, television and advertisement industry. Although that may sound big and frightening to just venture into there are other video editorials that are sought on a daily basis. You-tube channel owners often look for video editors to cut and restructure their videos, and skilled editors are always hunted. All you will need is an updated video editing app to structure and present the video according to the requirements. If this is something that you are familiar with and good at, then earning an extra income by offering this service will surely increase your monthly earnings. Video editing is a skill with a lot of potential to increase your monthly earnings.

#3 Transcriptionist

Having an ear to listen and understand an audio, video conversation, meeting, or speech, and then accurately transcribing it into correct texts, with bullet proof typing manoeuvres, is a skill that is widely sought after. It is a job that requires patience and an ear to understand other people’s speech, and then transforming it into grammatically correct, error free texts. Unfortunately not all of us have the tolerance to be so attentive and accurate, but if you have the attention span then why not give it a shot. Transcriptionists with an understanding of one or more different languages are required daily throughout the world, making the earning potential larger for those that are multilingual. You can work from the comfort of your home on available sites like Rev or on freelancing sites like Upwork. So put your tentative hearing and typing skills out there, and your side business will surely take off.

#4 Scriptwriter

How much of an imagination do you have? Can you transform those mental images of yours and that of others into an active script? Scriptwriters are wanted all over the world on a daily basis. From you-tube script writers to play and film scriptwriters, and the list goes on. Maybe it’s you that they seek, with that creative ability to script interesting, doable content that is properly constructed, and has relevance to any given subject. The earning potential as a side business is quite handsome and you can work from the comforts of your igloo if that what it takes. The original creativity of your work, your promptness and visual clarity can grow this side business into a gold mine. Just remember that creativity is key in this respect.

#5 Amazon Books

Most of us think that writing books is a hard task to do, and that it is for those that are in the know. This false perception currently has some of the best writer’s buried under a rock, unaware of a fiery skill that lies dormant in their depths. What if I told you that the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, has all the necessary tools at your disposal. All that is required of you is for you to find the will to ignite you creative book writing skills and start up your side business. Using platforms like amazon to structure and sell your books will earn you an extra income and the more you write the more your earning potential grows. Whether it is an ebook, journal, audio, or story book, the creativity to write will allow you the chance of an extra income. Whether the book becomes a best seller or not is up to your writing potential, but it is almost a certainty to generate an income from the books that you advertise on Amazon.

#6 Re-selling Valuables on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Having good marketing skills would be a plus in enhancing your income with this side business, as the market knowledge and ability to provide effective descriptions, and attractive sales pitches, are a necessary requirement to have a quick and profitable outcome. The opportunities presented to us with advanced technology, gives us the marketplace to advertise such sales from the comfort of our homes, with sites like Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook marketplace at the click of our fingers. This side business doesn’t really require any start-up money, as you can advertise your own goods and sell them for a direct profit, or you can advertise goods on behalf of others, and add on a mark-up for your profit. Building trust with your clients will ensure you a long term working relationship, and will enhance the growth of your business. Make sure to advertise the goods in its current condition, and to present it as advertised to the buyer. This will build your profile as an honest and reliable seller. 

#7 Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most popular side businesses that I have come across. Yes, it is very common as you hear of a lot of people doing it, however, it is not a service that is amongst the favourites to do as a side business, as it requires a hands on approach to keep up with the daily comings and goings of traffic, which can sometimes be overwhelming, hence the available job offerings. It is not all of us that know the nooks and crannies of social media, and not all of us that spend our days browsing through them, however, if you are that someone that spends a relatively large amount of time on social media, has ample knowledge in tracking relevant news, then this would be a very beneficial side business for you. Offering your services as a social media marketer will award you the duties of running business pages, having the ability to keep a step ahead of competitors, effectively creating and sharing page content on these networks and ensuring that all the company’s marketing goals are met.  Your efficiency to successfully execute these duties will surely enhance your monthly earnings.

#8 Create Online Courses

Creating simple, short online courses to educate the recipient will award you with a constant income if your courses are legible, educational and interesting.  Coaching courses, skills development courses, and language courses are amongst the few that are known as best sellers in the online world, so putting in enough thought and effort in building your course is sure to contribute to an added monthly income. Online courses are time savers to the course owner, as it only requires your knowledge and effort in the building process thereafter, your constant presence will not be necessary. The developed course will sell by itself making your job much easier, so if you have the ability to create interesting, educational, life enhancing courses, then this particular side business would be an ideal starter for you. Using available online course platforms is a good way to start this side business, as a majority of these sites are free, so get building.

#9 Create a Dating App

Yep, not everyone is lucky in love, and sometimes it takes different strategies to find that perfect match. The strategist in this case could be you, especially if you are known to be the kind of person who has the knack to play match maker. Dating apps have helped to create many successful relationships throughout the world, and keeping in mind that all safety measures are put into place when building this app, making it a successful money machine is very possible. All you have to do is to use the appropriate software when building the app, and to make sure to tie up all the corners. If you are familiar with these kinds of software then creating your dating app would be a walk in the park. Securing your dating app and making it fully functional will enhance the earnings of your side business making it very profitable. So what are you waiting for Cupid? 

#10 Web Developers

Do you have an eye to design and create websites? Do you have knowledge of the tools that is required to build such a site? If so, then offering your expertise to start-up, or developed companies can be very beneficial in enhancing your income. Smart web developers are hard to come by and the market place that requires them are huge, making the opportunities endless. Having the proper web developing knowledge and an expert eye on design for a particular business can pave your way as an exceptionally skilled developer. The income potential as a web developer is huge, and an additional bonus to your expertise will be to develop a website that can withstand an ample amount of traffic with no speed limit. If this is something that you’re good at then why not give it a shot. The world awaits your structural technique.

#11 Link Builders

This is a much talked about skill that is very beneficial to current day SEO ratings. Link building is a sought after skill that optimises, and guarantees results for a website. Although it is seen as the taboo of Google, it is still a skill that is utilized for its guaranteed benefits. It is mastered by a few, as it requires scrutiny of valuable link assets, and tactics to join these valuables to achieve maximum success. If this is your skill set then you are the wanted few that will be rewarded handsomely for your constructive efforts. So, link building as a side business will be a game changer in your finances if you have the knack to acquire hyperlinks from other sites, and then attach them to the relevant sites that your seek them for. 

#12 Online Coaching and Tutoring

With the opportunities that the digital world has to offer, online coaching and tutoring has become a convenient way to earn an extra income from home. Using platforms like zoom,  Having the confidence and ability to speak to and motivate or coach others towards their goals, and to have the gift of successfully tutoring individuals to a better understanding of a given subject, would be the skill that is ideal to set up a side business for you. Your professional guidance and tutoring via the internet can earn you an extra income, depending on the amount of time and effort that you put in. Commanding an hourly rate for your services is common practice in these fields, and the more hours you put in the more money you will earn. Your skill can be strewn across the world awarding you with students of all ages from different walks of life. Connecting with them via zoom calls or other video connections will establish a solid working ground. Your ability to enhance the knowledge and understanding of others can become your personal pot of gold, just make sure to have a reliable internet connect to avoid disturbances during the allocated coaching and tutoring times.

#13 Mobile Tutoring

Offering a mobile tutoring service in and around your locality will be a beneficial way to earn an extra income. I know that the digital world has taken over, and most people prefer to communicate via social media and other available online tools, but a face to face, one on one tutoring session, is a service that people still find beneficial to this day. Offering to tutor your students in the comfort of their own homes is always a pleasing option to a client, as it shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile with the thoughts and benefits of your client in mind. This kind of effort together with your ability to deliver exceptional tutoring, that has productive benefits, will pave your way as a successful tutor. Offering a mobile tutoring service also has its benefits to you, as it will allow you the freedom of scheduling the lessons according to your preferred time, and also give you the opportunity to set up your appointments with clients in the same vicinity on a given day. The earning potential is great if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, and your tutoring skills prove to be advantageous to your students.

#14 Garage and Yard Sales

Are you someone that has accumulated valuables throughout the years, or maybe you have too much of everything and need to get rid of them? Whatever the case then my advice to you would be to clean up those valuables until they are in their best shape and set up a yard or garage sale to earn some money of off them. This can be a once of or continued sale if you are willing to continue your collection of accumulating valuables and reselling them. The earning potential will depend on the amount of time and effort that you put in and if you have the eye to select sought after valuables that are easy to re-sell. There is no skill that is required to earn money off of garage sales, but a witty mind is needed to accumulate and re-market these goods. There are no specific categories for the goods and anything from clothing items to home and garden tools will be profitable. 

#15 Estate Sales

Becoming a part time estate agent can contribute immensely towards your income. There are many estate agencies that employ people on a part time basis, with flexible hours. All you will need is the skill to sell ice to the Eskimo and you will be bound to becoming a successful estate agent. The art of selling is gifted to a few so if you know that you have what it takes to help a potential buyer see the benefits of the properties that you showcase then you’re on the road to real estate rewards. This type of side business does not necessarily contribute to a steady monthly income however, one sale can earn you quite a hefty sum. Time and effort will be in your control to determine your earning potential.

#16 Event Planners

Whether it is a party, wedding, or company event that you have the creativity to plan and host, the fact that you can organise such a gathering is a plus in the event planning world. Everyone is looking for something different and unique for their event, as nobody wants a copy-cat repeat, so offering your creative skills and delivering on your abilities can get you the recognition and pave your way as a sought after event planner. It is a side business that can be prioritised as a weekend only job, or you can venture out as a full time service for any-day events, as this business has the potential to grow. Being organised and delivering as promised will eventually build a cove of clientele. Your efficient planning will be the success of you.

#17 Décor Services

Décor services are often required by event planners, so if you know that you have the creative ability that will be useful to these businesses, then why not venture out and offer your services to event planning companies. Yes, they probably have their own décor people but sometimes a repetition of the same style, from the same people may not be the requirement for some events. It could be your angle of creativity that they seek. Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to put your skills out there, no matter how crowded the market place may seem. Everyone’s creative approach is different and to get recognized in a flooded industry will take confidence in your skill and uniqueness that separates you from the rest. A décor service side business can be profitable to those that don’t fail to try.

#18 Catering Services

You could be the next catering chef that is needed for all the local parties and events. Caterers are always the hunted, as they are known to bring joy to those craving palates, and satisfaction to those hungry tummies. Catering is a sought after service that is required on both a big and small scale. Offering a catering service for any event or gathering is sure to earn you that extra income that you’re after. If you believe that you have the cooking and serving skills that are required, then I say that you should put your catering services out there, and let your entrees do the talking. Offering good food is sure to pave your way as a sought after caterer, as it has been said that the way to an individual’s heart is surely via their stomach.

#19 Sauce Maker

You get those that can develop a sauce recipe from scratch, and then those that can replicate a sauce from sight, taste and smell. Whichever type of sauce maker you think yourself to be, making sauces as a side business is an ideal way to make an extra income. There are a variety of sauces available in the local stores but just like the many locals, I believe that homemade is best. If you are the type of person that has learnt your grandma’s sauce recipes, or maybe you just have a knack to taste and determine the ingredients that have made up a particular sauce, then my advice to you would be to make, bottle up and market your homemade sauces. You could sell them individually or market them to your local stores. Their success will depend on their taste and quality. If it is as good as you say then this sauce making side business should bring in a good profit, and over time this profit is sure to increase and become constant.

#20 Bottling Services

Are you someone that knows how to correctly bottle and preserve sauces, jams and pickles? If so, why not offer your bottling services to the people that make all of the above. You wouldn’t believe that although some people do have the secret recipes to make all these delicious delicacies, bottling them can sometimes be a hassle as not everyone has the practised patience or knowledge in doing it correctly. That sounds like a great side business opportunity for you that is in the know of the proper bottling procedures that is required to preserve these treats. This will serve as the extra income that you seek as this service is sought after by the locals as well as the surrounds. Advertise your services and pass the word around to your local home makers and small businesses. You would be surprised at how many of them will be willing to utilise your services.

#21 Dance Lessons

Maybe you do have that unique Jagger like moves that can light up a stage, whatever the case may be, whether you are a self-taught dancer or a practised and trained dancer, bottling up your talents will not increase your bank balance. There are lots of us out here that would love to light up the dance floor, and your training can award us that desire. Whether it’s just a once off performance for that special occasion or continued lessons to sharpen our moves, it’s common knowledge that these dance lessons will benefit both you and I as your bank balance will increase with every advancement in sharpening up my moves, so get down on it already as this side business awaits your technique.

#22 Music Lessons

Whether you are a self-taught or trained musician wouldn’t really matter in this case, as your talent will be determined but the sweetest of the sounds that you produce. Offering your musical expertise and having the capabilities of training others in your musical field will be well received by students who thirst to have your musical ability.  Being multitalented in the music field, with the ability to play different instruments will be an advantageous contributor to your earning potential. Offering lessons like voice training or instrument playing will be a welcomed teaching by those that seek to improve their talents. The earning potential in music lessons can be tenfold depending on the hours per day that you’re willing to teach. Lessons that have a positive impact on a student’s skill will pave your way as a reputable music teacher that will be widely sought after. Lessons can be given in groups or privately and can be done via zoom or other online video chat services.

#23 Reader

Yes, you heard that right, reading can be done as a side business with much success, as the world out there seeks the skills of fluent and expressive readers. Whether it is a beta reader that is sought after for reviews, or a personal story teller, the earning potential as a reader is quite rewarding. Some of us are good listeners while others are good readers, so if you are good at the latter, then this side business would be ideal.  Readers are a luxury service that is afforded by a few, and those few seek your skill to help them tread through the memories of that sacredly kept love letter, or through that hidden valley that is set deep within. The service of a reader can be offered in person or via a pre-recorded audio, and the earnings for such service will be determined by the amount of time that you put in. 

#24 Virtual Assistant

Having the freedom to work from your own office space is a comfort that is awarded to a mere few. Virtual assistants are amongst those lucky few, offering their administrative services from a distance. Never having to personally coincide with their employer, their assistance is appreciated from behind the scenes. If you are the kind of person that is organised, and that has general administrative skills, then offering this service to companies around the world would have the ability to uncap your earning potential. Your availability and amount of hours that you’re willing to put in will determine the heights that your earning potential would reach.

#25 Social Media Manager 

Social media is known as one of the best marketing platforms for both big and small businesses, with the potential of showcasing and enhancing the advertised services. Having the discipline and organisation skills to effectively manage these business pages would be a plus for someone that turns this skill into an earning potential. Just as social media marketers make sure to create and upload strategic images and videos to enhance these business pages, so to do social media managers protect and advance these enhancements, making sure to keep each page under the relevant umbrellas. So, if you have the knowledge and skill to guide the social media marketers, then this would be an ideal side business for you. Approaching businesses and offering to take their current marketers under the protection of your wing will ensure an effectively run page. The aim of a social media manager is to monitor and moderate the comings and goings of traffic on these business pages, and to make sure that the relevant questions are correctly answered by the marketers.

#26 Business marketing

Business marketing differs from social media marketing whereby the marketer uses different avenues. Yes, online platforms are sometimes used but it falls more under the mailing and video calling services than that of social media. Creating and distributing pamphlets are part of the marketing strategy, as the aim is to enhance the business as a whole. Having the ability to approach the relevant marketing angles for each business will ensure a profitable outcome for both you and the business owner, so being a strategic skills trainer will enhance your position as a business marketer. Sharpening an employee’s skill is beneficial in aiding a business to climb up the financial ladder. This side business would be ideal for anyone that has the will to enhance the skills of employees and is a people’s person that has a knack for promoting the services offered by businesses, creating a nagging need for the said services. If that person is you then why not tread this path.

#27 You-tube Tutorials

I am sure that you are familiar with You-tube videos, but did you know that you can earn an income off of them? You-tube tutorials can be created from the comfort of your home, and managing your own channel by being consistent with regular tutorials will eventually earn you an income. Making sure to carefully script your tutorials, and being clear in your delivery, would be a good start to attract traffic to your channel. Building up an audience takes time, but if you keep it simple and make your tutorials easy enough for a beginner to grasp, then you will have opened up a path to your channel that is bound to grant you millions of views. These views are reactive in breaking the piggy bank, as it will earn you that much needed extra cash. Patience and consistency are key when venturing out into this field.

#28 Online Surveys

Online surveys are known to be an easy way to earn some extra cash, as it requires not much effort and a little bit of knowledge. It is recognised as a legitimate business and has seen many people have success with generating an income from it. It is generally straightforward questions and answers that you are required to answer to the best of your ability, and how many you choose to answer at a time is up to you. With a multitude of sites offering this easy earning potential, logging on to one of them to give it a shot would be interesting, especially if you like answering questions. Why not give it a try in your spare time to start up that side business.

#29 Freelancing

There are many business categories that fall under freelancing, and depending on what you are good at will allow you the privilege to venture out as a boss of your own. There are online and offline opportunities when it comes to freelancing, so whether you want to serve your local community or offer your talents to the world would be up to you. The internet provides you with many opportunities to offer your freelancing services online. Worldwide platforms and sites like Fiver, Upwork, and Freelancer, are amongst the few that aid you in offering your services to the world. Why not start your side businesses on these established sites, and venture out into a world of opportunities that await you.

#30 Writer

The endless opportunities that are available to writers are enormous. You can write for self-publication and earn off of it or, you can write for others and earn off of the work that you produce. Whether or not you do it as a side business or full time business is up to, but the earning potential for a writer is endless. From greeting cards to poetry, essays to scripts, academic to medical writing, the choices are endless. Even though you may not be a doctored student in the required field, but if you have the ability to do impeccable research that can be verified, then the writers field will be wide open for you to explore. Your potential as a writer may not be known even by you, until you are thrown in deep waters, and your creative ability to swim like a dolphin comes alive. Go out there and offer you creativity to the world, and your earning potential will definitely grow.

#31 Arts and Crafts

Are you someone that has a mind that allows your hands to create images on canvases? Or maybe you have the hand to craft valuables from waste. If you have the knack to do either one, then you have what it takes to earn an extra income by offering your creativity to those that value arts and crafts. Known as a profitable business for centuries, the skill to successfully create these masterpieces, are held by just a few. Having the unique ability to create these pieces, and then market them locally, or on the variety of platforms afforded to us by technology, is sure to build up your bank balance. So why not expose your designer talents to the world, as the returns from it will be fruitful.

#32 Researcher 

The paths that are opened to researchers are plenty. All that it requires is an impeccable skill to do thorough research, making sure to accumulate and verify facts, and to be precise in your delivery. Every industry in this world needs researchers, and if you have the knack for it then getting a hold of historical or medical writers would open up a side business opportunity for you. These are just two examples from the multitude of available research subjects that are out there waiting for your skill. So why not offer up your impeccable skill on the multitude of available worldwide platforms, to increase your chances of an increased earning.

#33 Voice-Over Artist

Voice-over artists are wanted in all corners of the world for different languages. Whether you’re overly loud or a petite soft speaker, your voice is definitely needed. There’s an opportunity out there for all types of voices in different languages, and there are a multitude of sites that look for a variety of these talents. Your voice could be wanted far out into the world, as it could be the perfect sound for a specific project, and although you may not be able to physically go out to these far and wide places, your voice can sure travel. So here’s an opportunity for you to turn your voice into a money-making machine, for both local and international channels on a multiple of platforms. The world awaits you.

#34 Career Coach

As we all know that it’s never too late to study and achieve your goals, but for some of us being undecided or procrastinating can prolong the process. Needing that extra push from a skilled career coach can play a big part in developing our careers. If you are the chosen one that has the ability to steer people in the right career paths, and the ability to keep them focused to achieve their career goals, then this side business will be profitable to you. Having the ability to notice the gifts of others, and helping them to enhance those gifted skills, can pave a business path that can become a great source of income. There is nothing more satisfying than earning an income with the knowledge that you have earned it because you aided in the success, and achievements, of somebody else’s dream. I think that that type of earning will be well worth the spend.

#35 Life coach

Sometimes we all lack vision, self-care and daily life planning. A little help and advice is always welcomed to change our perspective. Then, there are the many others that have completely lost the plot, and procedural life coaching and recovery are required. A life coaching side business is an excellent way to help others to create a strategic daily pattern for themselves, as it will serve as a learning curve and become a habitual routine. Sometimes no matter the privileges, life can be mentally and physically straining, and the aid of a life coach can help us manage those stressful occurrences. If you are a capable individual that is known to lead by example, then becoming a life coach can earn you an extra income.  If you know that you do have the wisdom and knowledge to turn someone’s life around for the better, then put yourself out there and offer up your skill. Some people don’t even know that they need a life coach unless they are enlightened about the benefits of having one, so advertising your services will help you to build up the required clientele.

#36 Delivery and Courier services

Are you somebody that is familiar with travelling to different neighbouring places? As we all know, a local delivery or courier service is always needed, and if you have a few spare hours a week, and a vehicle at your disposal, then this will be an ideal side business for you to start. Beginning by offering this service locally can get you recognized and help in growing your business. It will familiarize you with people, and places and help you to grow from a part time to a full time business. Being prompt and reliable will pave your way to building up clientele that will entrust you with their deliveries. Try and venture out to local businesses and offer up your services. An extra hand in delivery is always welcomed, and the enhancement in your finances will be a plus.

#37 Counselling

Counsellors are a very beneficial part of our lives no matter our ages. With the fast pace of the world and the unforeseen things that we as adults, and our children get exposed to is frightening. Not all of us are born with high self-esteems, and sometimes we let others dictate our worth believing the foul that falls from their tongues. Then there are some of us that have the gift to counsel and re-build broken self-confidences. If you are that someone that has the potential to enliven another being, then counselling that troubled teenager, or that depressed divorcee, can become a beneficial part time business, beneficial to both you and the recipient that is in need of your expertise. The services of a counsellor are required far and wide, and there are many platforms that can be used to reach those in need. Offering your skills to the ends of the earth will grow your side business tenfold.

#38 Personal Trainer

You would never believe the amount of people that require the assistance of a personal trainer. Whether this service is offered on an online or offline platform, it has an enormous earning potential. If you are someone that has always prided yourself in obtaining a toned physique, and has ample knowledge about the tricks of the trade to achieve that dream body, then this is a side business that will surely benefit you. Scheduling training sessions according to your availability, and attaching a price-tag to your training services, will earn you that extra income that you are after. Gyms are at a standstill because of the current pandemic, so personally training clients online, or on a one on one offline basis, is sure to become a financial reward. It requires your skill and dedication to allow an increase in earnings.

#39 Cleaning Services

Although not everyone has the ability to do a thorough clean up, the service of cleaning is needed on a daily basis. What level of a clean-up you would want to get your hands into would be up to you, but if you’re deciding to offer this service as a side business then I would advise you to start with the local hoarders around you. Clearing up a hoarder’s home or garage is not easy work, but it can turn out to be quite a profitable business. You wouldn’t believe the mess ups that some people live in, and their silent cries for that extra hand to help them start anew is just waiting for your servicing offerings to fall onto their doorstep. I’d say that you should charge them accordingly, coz it is said that if you do the crime, you surely need to pay for the time.

#40 Local Coffee Roaster

Yes, you heard that right, a local coffee roaster. No, it’s not that familiar electric roaster that everyone speaks of. This is the local guy down the street that roasts those coffee beans to aromatic perfection. Are you that guy? Well that is a question that only you would know the answer to. Do you have the gift of knowing just how much more of a roasting is needed to get that oh so satisfying specially brewed coffee? If so, then this would be the perfect side business for you. Not everyone wants that ready to use ground coffee that is on the shelves of the local stores. There are a few many that like their coffee freshly roasted and ground, as the aroma alone is satisfying, and the brewed enhanced taste of such coffee is a luxury that is denied to most coffee lovers.  Coffee roasting for your locals can earn you that extra income that is that is sourced by many.

#41 Personal Chef

Believe it or not personal chefs are a luxury that would be welcomed by most, although not everyone can afford one, however, the few that can are willing to pay a substantial amount of money to have their meals personally made and served. If you are a great cook with chef like skills, and if you would like to offer up your services as an in-house personal chef, or a delivery personal chef, then this business idea is for you. Offering your chef services as a side business can have a potential hike in your monthly income, earning you that extra cash that you need. An ability to cook various cuisines would definitely be an added plus, and advertising your specialities will enhance your chances of being employed as a personal chef, so why not give it a shot.

#42 Animal Parlour Services/Pet Grooming

Our fur babies become a part of the family from the very first day that we bring them home. Taking the ultimate care of them is our priority. If you are a pet lover that has a great understanding of them, then this kind of side business will be ideal for you. A love for animals is definitely a plus when you offer grooming and pampering services, as animals have the wit to know when they are loved. Most animal owners are willing to pay a handsome fee to have their beautiful babies looking and feeling well groomed. This sort of service has become a monthly must have for pet owners, ensuring you a constant income when you build up your animal clientele. The profits are almost guaranteed. 

#43 Nanny

Although nanny services are usually required on a full time basis, there are some people that require the occasional nanny a few hours a week. Date night nanny, business meeting nanny, or even de-stress nanny, are sometimes required by parents with busy schedules. If you are nanny material that is responsible enough to provide the best required childcare, then this would be an ideal start up side business for you. A child’s proper care and safety are a parent’s biggest concern, so paying for them to have the best care is always a priority. Proving yourself as a reliable nanny will award you an ample amount of clients that will value your continued service.

#44 Translator

Having the ability to accurately convey a spoken or written message from one language to another is an extra special talent that is owned by a few. The ability to learn different languages, and then translate them, is not gifted to us all, and if you do have that ability then your skills will be a welcomed addition in all parts of the world. The fact that you can understand and translate different languages is advantageous, and can add to an extra monthly income, as this ability can become a very profitable business. Make sure that you are truthful about the depth of your knowledge in a required language, and be sure to produce accurate translations to have a lasting reputation in this field of expertise.

#45 Car Wash Services

A Car wash service is a clever side business that you can start from your home with the added benefit of being mobile. Whatever the case, car wash services is sure to earn you some extra cash, so offering this service as a side business can benefit your finances. If you have the knack to wash and polish up cars, then you should offer this service locally. Building clientele and offering them your services, while attaching a monthly retainer to it, will benefit both you and your client. This will be a good way to secure a constant income for your car wash service, and it can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. Make sure to do a fantastic job to secure on-going clientele.

#46 House Sitter/Property Keeper

Yes, they say that we should be our neighbour’s keeper, and while that is a good gesture that should always be kept, offering a house sitting service in an extended absence can earn you an extra income. Having honest and reliable traits can gain you popularity as a trustable house sitter, making you the sought after keeper in your neighbourhood. Although we all don’t like to leave home much, sometimes unforeseen circumstances or work take us away from our comfort zones. The worry of our homes being unattended to, and of our pets being alone, can linger on our minds through the duration of our absence. However, a trusted and reliable person like you is needed to safeguard that temporarily abandoned property. So if you are looking to earn some extra cash then being your neighbour’s house keeper in their absence can be a rewarding business. Spread the news of your new business venture throughout the neighbourhood to increase your chances of gaining popularity and earning more.

#47 Local Tour Guide

How well do you know your locality? Do you live in a place that is known as a tourist attraction? If you answer yes to these, and you are someone with knowledge, and a confidence to interact with, and guide strangers, then this will serve as a profitable side business for you. Safely guiding visitors on an exciting tour and helping them to discover and explore places around your area will gain you popularity amongst tourists and tourist agencies.  Offering your services as an independent guide to an agency, for individual and group guidance will increase your chances of earning more money. Make sure to practice safety during your scheduled tours in order to cement your place as a trustable guide.

#48 Interior and Exterior Decorating

An eye for magically transforming the inside or outside of a property is a creative gift with its own kind of twist. Turning a simple setting into a royal abode can be entrancing, but only a few of us have the ability to reach such heights. A decorative transformation to enchant a simple residential garden, or living area, has the potential of earning you a little extra income. Starting this side business will enable you the opportunity to add your work onto your portfolio. This will enhance your chances of growing your side business into a full blown permanent earning potential. Your unique skill can become a profitable money maker.

#49 Indoor and Outdoor Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever as things on the inside and outside of a house is always in need of some kind of repair. It can be a simple door handle, or a noisy dripping tap, or maybe even that overgrown lawn, whatever the case may be, indoor and outdoor maintenance is needed all year through. If you are that multitalented repair man who is a jack of all trades then this side business will definitely keep you busy. It is sure to substantially grow your bank balance and ensure constant work, as long as your maintenance services are up to the recommended standards. 

#50 Home Baker or Confectioner

Everyone likes a little treat now and then, and some of us like to overindulge on a daily basis, whatever the case, cakes and pastries are always a welcomed addition to the dessert table. The art of baking is mastered by a few, and the results from it are enjoyed by many. Whether you are a self-taught home baker or a skilled confectioner, your talents are sure to earn you an extra income. Offering your baking services locally for daily or occasional treats will surely built up your clientele.  Just make sure to always deliver freshly baked goods to keep the orders constant. Having the ability to make themed cakes would be an added bonus that would contribute to an even bigger income.

#51 Fashion Designing and Alterations

Replicating the latest fashion trends or creating your own can be very profitable. All that you will need to have is an eye for fashion and a skill to create it. Offering this service locally as a side business can contribute to an increase in earnings if you are good at what you do. We all like to be unique and to sport the best fashion trends, but finding a designer to produce what we envision is not easy. If you are confident in your designing skills then maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to give this side business a shot. You could be the one with the creative eyes and designer hands that everyone seeks. Alternatively, if time is against you then offering an alteration service to readymade clothing would serve as an added bonus to your income.

#52 Laundry Services

Yes, we all know that laundry is a dreaded daily duty and that it has to be done whether we want to do it or not, however, there are the few that are known to neglect it. If you are someone that is willing to offer this service then earning an extra income from it can become a daily routine. There is a technique to everything and even laundry services require a certain procedure to make sure that colours don’t mix with the white washing etc. If all of the correct laundry washing procedures is followed, and the clothes are fresh smelling and neatly presented, then your local clientele is sure to grow together with your added income.

#53 Personal Shopper

There is currently a big demand for personal shoppers at the moment, as people are afraid to go out because of the current pandemic. Those who have underlying health problems are especially scared to venture out, and are in search of personal shoppers. Who better to offer this service to than those in and around your local area? If you believe that your community will trust you with this task, then offering this service to them with a small fee attached to it will earn you that needed extra income. Making sure to list the shopping requirements before venturing out will ensure accurate purchases which can become a daily, weekly or monthly routine that will enhance your side business.

#54 Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading services are required throughout the world on a daily basis. Having an excellent command of one or more languages, and an eye to spot mistakes will ensure you polished and legible content in the relevant language. Even the greatest writers with an elevated amount of knowledge in grammar, spelling and punctuation need an extra eye to sieve through their work in order to pick out missed errors. Your eagle eye that has this impeccable ability could be the one that they seek, and in turn this skill can earn you that much needed cash. You can offer this service locally, nationally or internationally through available sites that allow you to share your skill with the world. This side business has the potential to develop and grow a client base that will ensure you an ample amount of work. So it will be up to you to pursue it as a part or full time business.

#55 Mobile Hair and Make-Up Artist

Having a hair and make-up artist available is every divas dream. Having a mobile hair and makeup artist available at your beck and call is a blessing. If you are the one with artistic hands to transform that duck into a swan, or to drape that hair like Rapunzels, then this is definitely the side business for you. Offering your services to the locals or even to bridal parties will allow you the privilege to command your fee for your artistic abilities. The increased earning will serve as an added bonus to you bank balance. Taking your services to your clients will get you recognised as a mobile hair and make-up artist, which in turn will be beneficial to your business as we all look forward to being pampered in the comfort of our own home. Make sure to do a good job to increase your clientele, and to keep the ball rolling.

Remember that all that really matters is how capable you are, how much dedication and determination you’re willing to give, and how far out into the world you’re willing to venture.